Strength of the Nation

Truly, how do we make our nation great and strong?

We do this by entering the same mindset of the prophets of old because the brilliance of discovery and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are not our own but of the spiritual power above.

Yes, indeed! We need to make America great and strong not only for our own sake but also for the sake of all the nations on Earth. And we need to see ourselves as the beacon of hope for humanity as the founders of this great nation did.

From the events of September 11, 2001, we have learned that our international problems cannot be solved exclusively by diplomacy or military interventions. Instead, the major solutions are to be found in the Religious arena.

Then we discover that, by closing our Mexican border with a great wall, we offer a safe environment for the Jewish and Arab populations to go back to their root, Abraham, and reconcile after thousands of years of conflict and strife. And the Jewish people in Israel will take it from here, for they will repent for having killed their King, Jesus Yeshua, and prepare for the Second Coming while assembling the Kingdom of the Lord.

The Strength of the Nation is an excerpt from another manuscript, The Angel of the Lord, which will be published soon.

4 thoughts on “Strength of the Nation”

    1. Luisa Plancher

      Thank you, Rosanna.
      I hope that this book will be distributed among all nations, and that, with a renewed heart and a renewed mind, we can come together in love and harmony, and start building the Kingdom of the Lord.
      Bye for now, Rosanna.

  1. Thank you, Red: May God bless us all, for He loves all of us.
    The question is: Are we going to accept His invitation?
    And, if we accept, we will join Him… Guaranteed!…

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